American Flag Crochet Koozie

Today is accomplishment for me. I completed my first item to showcase on this site. Yay me!!!

I figure it will take me some time to build credibility and crochet inventory so I am going with an Independence Day theme to get started. By the time July 4th rolls around I should have something more solid going on.

This first item is a red, white, and blue American flag themed beer koozie.

(or it can easily be used as a water bottle koozie)


I made it as a tight fit, so it may not work for those fatter water bottles. I will say, though, the beer bottle I used is a bit wider than a typical bottle so there should be no problems there. It’ll even work for those tall skinny beer cans.

The dimensions are:

8.5″ circumference x 6″ tall

I made it with Red Heart worsted yarn in cherry red, white, and blue using a Susan Bates hook size K. I can make this koozie in any color.

I still have work to do as for as setting up my ecommerce to make this American flag themed crocheted koozie and my pattern available for sale. In the meantime I’ll also be working on crocheting more items.

Hope you enjoy!




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